Facebook ASP.NET Development in C# and VB.NET

Facebook Visual Kit is a set of ASP.NET controls that facilitate the usage of common and popular Facebook features, by wrapping and hiding the complexity of underlying implementation from the user. This set of controls makes development of Facebook iFrame applications, Facebook Connect websites, or Facebook Pages, in C# and VB.NET programing languages, significantly easier, faster, and more organized. Facebook Visual Kit also aids in reducing application maintenance efforts as your applications will not be affected by frequent changes in Facebook API.

20 Facebook ASP.NET Controls

facebook asp.net controls

ASP.NET Control library for fast integration of Facebook UI features inside ASPX pages

Facebook Starter Kits for ASP.NET

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Fast Start with Facebook Canvas Applications, Facebook Connect and Facebook Pages

Free & Effective Technical Support

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Facebook ASP.NET Controls in C# and VB.NET

Facebook Visual Kit currently contains 20 ASP.NET controls intended for development of Facebook iFrame applications, Facebook Page applications, and Facebook Connect integration. The number of controls is constantly increasing from the initial version (2009-07-01). ASP.NET controls are made as wrappers around Facebook JavaScript SDK and Social Plugins to hide complexity and produce a cleaner code for easier development and maintenance. Because of backward compatibility with existing applications a few deprecated controls are still in the kit, but there are replacements for each of them and a note with a link to the new controls. All controls are implemented in C# and VB.NET programming languages and each control is supplemented with a demo page inside the Demo application. Since the control list is constantly increasing we are open for suggestion regarding new controls.

Facebook Starter Kits for ASP.NET

If you are a newbie Facebook developer and want to create your very first ASP.NET Facebook iFrame application, Facebook Connect website or Facebook Page in C# or VB.NET, or just want a common template to save time and thus be able to safely perform repetition, Vatlab believes Facebook Start is the right product for you. The Facebook Start Application has already installed all libraries, including Facebook C# SDK (Graph API open source .NET library) and set of 20 the most used Facebook ASP.NET controls, page templates and configurations. You will be able to run your new Facebook iFrame application, Facebook Connect website or Facebook Page application on local host or any .NET hosting server, in just 15-30 minutes.

Free & Effective Technical Support

From the first version of Facebook Visual Kit in 2009 we provided support to our users. In those 3 years Facebook API has passed through lots of changes which resulted in lots of official documentation and outdated articles which are now in top 10 on Google, especially for Facebook Development on .NET. Through giving technical support to hundreds of our users we have gained insightful knowledge in resolving problems with Facebook applications, Facebook Connect and Facebook Pages. As a result our users say that our support is the best part of our product.


Customer Testimonials

"I personally use it in both of my apps too and it's WONDERFUL. Saves a LOT of time. Get the source code license. It's well worth it. The best part is that the dev is constantly updating it to keep up with any facebook changes, so we never have to worry about that part of it. Get this product. If you're serious about facebook development using asp.net, then this product isn't merely a luxury, it's a must have. Get it. You'll be glad you did.Excellent product."

Terence McGhee, Bonafide Diversions Inc.

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